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Log Home Repair
Log Home Repair
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Log Home Repair
Log Home Repair
Log Home Repair, South Carolina Log Cabin Restoration And Log Home Maintenance | Allendale County South Carolina.

Log Home Log Repairs

The LogDoctors are innovators in the log home restoration industry. We embrace new techniques while also using the tried and true of the trade when it comes to log home repairs and maintenance.

  • Log Stabilization
    The first and most cost effective method to repair the damaged logs of your log home is log stabilization. All visible damage is cleared away and an specifically designed epoxy is injected directly into log.
    Log Home Log Stabilization
    If the rot within the logs is not too extensive, the log may also be filled with a two part putty.

    This method of log repair should only be done on small log areas --no lager than the size of your fist. The two part putty fills the damaged area within the log and the previously damaged log is now ready to be stained.

  • Log Face Restoration
    Log Home Face Restoration
    Log Face Restoration involves removing the damaged area of the log on your log home and then cut a new section of replacement log and then "face it" to make the repair.
    Log Home Face Restoration
    After the repair is made there is very little signs that the repair to the log was made.

  • Log Replacement | Log Home Repair
     Log Replacement
    Log Home Care Products | Log Home Care | Log Replacement By The LogDoctors.

    Log Home Damage Repair

    Depending on the extent of the log damage, full log replacement is the option of last resort --where the damaged log is fully replaced with a brand new log.

    Log Home Damage Repair

    A number of log repair jobs may include all three methods to repair the logs.
    Log Home Repair
    We here at the LogDoctors have been repairing and replacing heavy log timbers since 1989. We average over 4000 feet of log repair every year.

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