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Log Home Maintenance
Log Home Maintenance
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Log Home Maintenance
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Log Home Maintenance
Log Home Repair
Log Home Repair, South Carolina Log Cabin Restoration And Log Home Maintenance | Allendale County South Carolina.

Is your log home needing some extra attention? Is your log home looking gray or the stain looking faded? The LogDoctors understand how important log home maintenance is for your log home.

Taking care of your log home .

The LogDoctors would like to help keep your log home properly maintained. That way, you can enjoy living in your log home rather than constantly working on it.

The LogDoctors Routine Log Home Maintenance Program Includes:

Log Home Washing
Log Home Washing Service

The LogDoctors recommend having your log home washed annually. This will not only keep your log home looking good, it will actually prolong the stains finish by removing dirt, dust and pollen from the surface of the stain.

Log Home Staining
Log Home Staining

Staining your log home is a very important maintenance item with log home ownership. The stain helps to repel rain, water and other elements from soaking in to the wood and causing other issues.

Repair of Log Cabin Chinking
Log Home Chinking

Chinking is designed to keep water and insects out of gaps or cracks where two pieces of wood meet. Small gaps can allow insects to enter the home or water can find its way into the logs and cause rot.

Log Cabin Caulking Services
Log Home Caulking Service

The LogDoctors use a specially designed log home caulk to seal the checks in the logs. Caulking checks is a very important step in protecting your log home from rot and other elements from entering the logs.

Log Home Sealing
Log Home Sealing

The log home sealing term means sealing and/or staining of the wood logs. Using a high quality log home stain will help seal out the elements from entering the logs. Caulking and sealing the gaps between the logs also helps to keep insects and water outo of your log home.

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